Vampire tour, ghost tour, Halloween idea

A list of best tours of Romania including a Top 10 Must-Do Adventure and the Tour of the Year awarded Halloween in Transylvania Vampire Ghosts and Halloween links Awarded Vampire tours in Romania Media Mentions We’re pleased […]

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BEST OF TRANSYLVANIA AND HUNGARY -Eastern Europe private tour


Highlights Bruckental Museum -a must see when touring Transylvania.Rubens, Tizian, Van Dyke paintings housed by Transylvania’s top museum. Visit churches and significant cultural placesDracula’s Castle in Bistrita – the one mentioned in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”Sighisoara – the best preserved and […]

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Cluj-Napoca Dracula tour – Bran Castle Halloween party included

Turda Salt Mine

Dracula’s Halloween Party Romania – join our itineraries, discover Transylvania and, on Halloween, attend up to three fun parties! Depending on your tour, have fun at our amazing Halloween Party in Transylvania, at the popular party at Bran Castle and […]

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Romania Private Tours – Dracula Castle in Romania

Dracula tours in Transylvania Romania

Dracula Castle in Romania – the best highlight related to the Count, included in our amazing itineraries. Book your tour now and have fun! Go on a private itinerary and depart on a date which suits you best! Choose the […]

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Transylvania Tours with Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle

Sighisoara, the best Halloween party in Transylvania

Choose our amazing Transylvania tours and have fun on an unforgettable itinerary. Discover our amazing history and traditions and learn all the dark legends surrounding Vlad the Impaler, the ruthless ruler also known as Dracula.

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Discover the best of Romania and join us for the best Halloween party Romania

bran castle halloween party

Dracula Castle Romania – Best itineraries in Transylvania, blending important highlights related to Vlad the Impaler with our old customs and traditions. On Halloween, join us for the best parties in Transylvania! Depending on your tour, attend one, two or […]

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