Couples holidays Romania -Best selling packages in UK and Ireland

Corvinesti Castle

Special tours for couples A special tourism program which promotes couple socialisation inside the group. Everything from the accommodation places, special activities and major tourist attractions are chosen to better match the romantic holiday idea. The purpose of the program […]

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Weekend in Transylvania – Best Dracula Tours

Sighisoara medieval citadel-Dracula tour in Romania

Romania Dracula Tour – Choose our 7-days Vampire or Halloween itineraries and discover the best Dracula related highlights in Transylvania. In addition to these, we also organize 1, 2 or 3 -days short breaks. This itinerary proposes a weekend experience. […]

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Dracula Tour – The Awarded Vampire in Transylvania tour

Brasov seen in Vampire in Transylvania Dracula tour and Best of Romania tours

Go on an amazing Transylvania Dracula tour. Depart from Bucharest and discover our country. This itinerary is perfect for Dracula enthusiasts, people who want to find out more about our culture and history.

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Dracula tours Romania


Dracula Tour Transylvania – what’s the appeal of these itineraries and what to look for at a tour operator Dracula tour Transylvania popularity stems mostly from Bram Stoker’s novel. In fact, this is the second most printed book in the […]

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Cluj-Napoca Dracula tour – Bran Castle Halloween party included

Turda Salt Mine

Dracula’s Halloween Party Romania – join our itineraries, discover Transylvania and, on Halloween, attend up to three fun parties! Depending on your tour, have fun at our amazing Halloween Party in Transylvania, at the popular party at Bran Castle and […]

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Romania Private Tours – Dracula Castle in Romania

Dracula tours in Transylvania Romania

Dracula Castle in Romania – the best highlight related to the Count, included in our amazing itineraries. Book your tour now and have fun! Go on a private itinerary and depart on a date which suits you best! Choose the […]

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