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Europe Motorcycle Tours - Go on the best europe motorcycle tours. Explore Transfagarasan, a thrilling mountain road. The itinerary takes you on a spectacular ride. Since the Transfagarasan is a one of the most challenging roads in Europe, we recommend this tour for experienced riders.

Europe Motorcycle Tours - Highlights

  • ride the most crooked and challenging of Europe's roads for motorcyclists -  Transfaragasan Road

Europe Motorcycle Tours - Transfagarasan Road - Private Trip

Go on an our unforgettable Europe Motorcycle Tours - Transfagarasan Private Itinerary. Meet our guide in Turda (40 km away from Cluj-Napoca airport), pick up your motorcycle and ride towards your destination.

We begin at 8:00 AM because there is a long day ahead of us. Your English speaking guide rides with you to the Transfagarasan road. He is 100% Transylvanian and knows the history of these places. Therefore, he is able to answer most of the questions you may have.

europe motorcycle tours

The Transfagarasan's construction began in 1970 and took four years. This road was intended to be a military route across the Carpathians. Because of the high altitude (2042 meters  above sea level), this road is only open 3 months every year. Even so, you may still encounter walls of snow on the side of the road in the middle of summer.

In conclusion, the road was perfectly built, a ribbon of bends, thrill and excitement.

Transfagarasan Road connects Transylvania with Valahia. Also the road crosses Fagaras Mountains and has become a Mecca for motorbike riders all over the World.

Cross this amazing road, considered the best in the world by the hosts of Top Gear, and return to Turda in the evening.

Transfagarasan Facts:

  • 90 km long
  • up to 2042 m in altitude
  • over 5 km serpentine
  • over 80 hairpin curves
  • 5 tunnels
  • over 500 small bridges.

Europe Motorcycle Tours - Price and Departure

BMW G 650 GS€ 190 / rider
BMW F 800 GS€ 239 / rider
BMW F 750 GS€ 289 / rider
BMW F 850 GS€ 289 / rider
BMW R 1200 GS€ 259 / rider
BMW R 1200 GS LC€ 289 / rider
BMW R 1250 GS€ 299 / rider
Own motorbike€ 99

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Europe Motorcycle Tours - Transfagarasan Road
Tour map

transylvania motorcycle tour map

Europe Motorcycle Tours - Other information

  • Number of KM covered: 457 km
  • Number of riding hours: 8 h
  • How to arrive: Fly to Cluj Napoca Airport. Take a transfer to the city of Turda (40 km away from ClujNapoca Airport).
  • Starting point: Adventure Motorcycle Tours
    Turda, 31A Razboieni Street
  • Start time: 08:00 AM

If you are interested in renting a motorbike please click here!

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08:00 AM Our english speaking guide, 100% Transylvanian, will meet you in Turda and will lead you on a great ride on The Best Road in The World - Transfagarasan.
The most crooked and challenging of Europe's roads for motorcyclists is called the Transfaragasan (Transfagarasan Pass – 2042m above sea level). Built between 1970 and 1974 as a military route, by communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968) it snakes up the tallest peaks of the Carpathians.
Due to the high altitude the road is open only 3 months per year and you can find walls of snow on the side of the road even in July. Arrival back in Turda late in the evening.

Departure Time:
08:00 AM from The city of Turda (40 km away from Cluj Napoca or Targu Mures Airports)

Rider with BMW G650GS – EURO 190/rider
Rider with BMW F800GS – EURO 239/rider
Rider with BMW R1200GS – EURO 259/rider
Own motorbike: EURO 99


  • Motorcycle enthusiast English speaking ride leader on a motorbike
  • all costs related to the guide inlcuded
  • Transportation: ride the motorbike at your choice
  • flight tickets
  • airport fees
  • gasoline
  • parking fees
  • meals
  • accommodation
  1. Joe MC:

    Day tour of Transfagarasan
    Claudia and Alex were my guides for one of the most memorable vacations I’ve ever had.
    Not only were they extremely welcoming and kind people, they are very knowledgeable about the history of the area but they love to ride!
    They will allow you to ride at your pace, if that be fast and exciting or slow and leisurely.
    I will hopefully return to do one of the extended tours they offer.

  2. Chris O’Hara:

    You have got to ride this road when in Romania.
    It is amazing!
    So many road bends, fantastic.

  3. John Silverstone:

    When you want to take part in an adventure you want to know you will be taken care of and Transylvania Live did that.
    Superb support – an extremely experienced, confident and knowledgeable tour host who made a great day happen.
    Really loved it. Deserves 5 stars.

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